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"You feel the music in your heart, and that's something that cannot be taught."

- An accompanist from the National Cello Institute 

Kerry Sheehan was raised in the world of classical music. She started playing cello at the age of five and studied ten years with the Suzuki Method at the University of Oregon's School of Music. The program offered opportunity to travel and learn from inspiring teachers across the country and by the age of fifteen, Kerry had attended cello institutes throughout Oregon, Colorado, and California. It was in California where she saw a cellist play a jazz tune that transformed her perspective on music creation. She wanted to create her own style, and she wanted to write her own music.


As her musical journey progressed, she fell in love with chamber music and trained for years with various coaches and musicians. She continued growing as a soloist, as well as playing in quartets and the Eugene Youth Symphony. However, her heart was in improv and writing her own music, and after tendonitis strained her left arm and hand, she stepped away from the classical world of music.

As of 2018, Kerry has found herself in Central Oregon touring with Kelcey Lassen in their duo, "Lassen and Kerry". Together, they create an indie, gypsy-soul music style that has taken the Bend, OR music scene by storm. They are celebrating the release of Kelcey's first album, "If I Wander".

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